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Remote color grading has existed for some time, but now more than ever the demand for a more accessible, all-around grading experience has opened the doors for improvement in remote workflows. ColorNation provides you with access to world class colorists in an entirely remote setting, without compromising the ongoing demand for quality.

The ever-changing world of creative technology has enabled the post production and VFX industry to pivot and take full advantage of the shift in work habits that’s occurred most recently. Supervising your session remotely has now become the new normal, and the model we’ve developed supports and promotes all aspects of this breathtaking evolution.

For some time, content has been viewed and approved online via a laptop, tablet or another screening device that suits the needs of today’s clientele. Not only is this a more flexible and cost-effective approach, but from a technical standpoint, these devices are faithful to what the end viewer will see in a domestic environment.

Expensive industry monitors and complex calibration procedures for home viewing are no longer seen as standard, or necessary. With the variety of consumer systems that offer different viewer settings in relation to picture quality, clients have been asking for a more authentic approach to color grading.

At ColorNation, we believe we have the technical and artistic approach that satisfies this need.

Experience Real-Time Color Grading with

The paradigm of video post-production is shifting, and ColorNation is leading the charge with Our experienced colorists livestream their calibrated video signals directly into a room Clients can join this virtual grading suite from the comfort of their home, office, or on the move - all from a web browser. As our colorists work their magic, clients experience high-quality, real-time video streams of the color grading process.

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We Rep Talent

With our wide and diverse talent base, our clients can choose the artist they want to collaborate with, one who matches the project’s creative (and budgetary) needs, without limitations from location or availability.

We pride ourselves on promoting new talent from underrepresented creatives. As our world evolves and new storytellers present their unique vision to their audience, we want to reflect that diversity with our pool of artists.

Our years of experience has led to a great appreciation for the art of fine color grading. As a result, we attract talented colorists who excel at the craft.

We’re continuously adding to our roster, so if you have a request for a particular type of artistry, please reach out. We want to hear from you as we continue to build our ColorNation!

Our Workflow

Once the edit is approved, the editor will prep and upload the select footage to any cloud-based storage site such as WeTransfer, Digital Pigeon, Hightail, etc. Our team will download the footage and once loaded and prepped, a session will be scheduled, via Louper if the work is to be supervised. Alternatively, the colorist can simply do a first pass based on creative notes and post for review via email.

Upon final approval, the graded files are uploaded to editorial for download. This can be accomplished with speed and efficiency, while offering a much more cost-effective alternative to expensive traditional facility pipeline.

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