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Andrew Francis

image of andrew francisAndrew’s career began as a runner at VTR – the leading commercial post facility in London’s Soho. With a love of art dating back to his childhood in South London and his college study in fine arts, his inevitable interest in colour grading took hold. This early experience allowed him to develop strong technical and machine room skills, and this combination of talent and knowledge positioned him to work at leading creative facilities in London.

In 1999 he joined the first digital intermediate post department at Kodak’s Cinesite Digital Studios. This afforded the opportunity to work with new technology in its infancy, and to collaborate with the best technicians and filmmakers in the industry, including acclaimed colourist, Luke Rainey. The first project was HBO’s Band of Brothers, during which many aspects of the DI process were founded. Andrew was key to much of this pioneering work, leading to many freelance opportunities.

After stints in various facilities such as Framestore's early DI house, Andrew went to Amsterdam to assist a new company, Filmmore, in the inception of its digital intermediate department, allowing him to collaborate with outstanding cinematographers, many of whom he continues to work with. With determination and a gruelling schedule, Filmmore became a huge success and continues to be the standard in Europe.

In 2009 Andrew assumed an associate colourist's position at EFilm. There, he collaborated with the world’s most accomplished colourists on top level Hollywood studio productions. After a four-year tenure, Andrew relocated to New York to continue as a colourist with the Deluxe/CO3 brands, once again working with a startup called Sixteen19 to help build their DI department, later to be acquired by the CO3 brand.

Andrew has coloured iconic feature films and advertising campaigns for today’s leading filmmakers, among them award-winning cinematographers and directors.

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