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ColorNation is a new resource for color grading that offers access to world-class artists in an entirely remote environment. It’s the brainchild of Reid Brody, a veteran entrepreneur and production executive who’s played a key role in launching some of the most successful companies in production and post production. Reid knows what it takes to create efficiency, deliver value and earn trust. 

Reid has been providing clients with post production and color services his entire career. Widely known and respected in the production and post ranks, Reid has done everything from partner with ad agencies and brands to working with top producers, directors, editors and colorists to producing indie features in Hollywood. 

ColorNation is designed to meet the needs of the new world of remote work. As clients have become accustomed to remote color, the next evolution is to simplify access to independent color grading talents working in different regions but available to clients anywhere. 

In founding ColorNation, Reid is leaning into the discipline he knows best. As the founder of Filmworkers Club, he helped grow this color and VFX studio into a national powerhouse of its era. Over the years he began to invest in fellow entrepreneurs launching their own creative studios in areas as diverse as motion graphics, digital production and creative editorial. 

Long an advocate for delivering remote services, even before the pandemic, ColorNation allows Reid to apply his contacts, his management skills and his eye for talent to a new entity designed to democratize the color grading world and deliver top-flight talent to agencies and production companies anywhere, at any time. 

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