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Experience Real-Time Color Grading with

The paradigm of video post-production is shifting, and ColorNation is leading the charge with Our experienced colorists livestream their video signals directly into a room. Clients can join this virtual grading suite from the comfort of their home, office, or on the move - all from a web browser. As our colorists work their magic, clients experience high-quality, real-time video streams of the color grading process.

How It Works

Using with ColorNation is an easy process, simply follow these steps:

  • Get Access and Join the Room: Simply click on the provided link to a Louper room. You'll be granted instant access to our online grading suite and connected to our livestream immediately.
  • Work from Anywhere: You can join the Louper room from any device and from any location, offering unparalleled flexibility.
  • See the Work in Progress: As soon as you're connected, you'll see exactly what your colorist is working on, in real-time.
  • Interactive Video Conferencing and Drawing Tools:'s intuitive interface supports seamless interaction via built-in video chat. This platform empowers you to provide feedback, share suggestions, and even utilize on-screen drawing tools during the livestream, ensuring precise communication of your vision to our colorists.

Built-In Video Conferencing and On-Screen Drawing for Unparalleled Collaboration is much more than just a livestreaming platform. It has been engineered with unique features that make collaboration interactive and efficient.

The built-in video conferencing feature offers a space where you can actively engage in discussions about the color grading process. You can provide real-time feedback and suggestions, making you an integral part of the creative process.

In addition, boasts on-screen drawing tools. These tools allow you to visually annotate and highlight specific areas in the livestreamed footage, making your feedback more precise and enabling our colorists to understand and implement your vision more accurately.

With, you're not just a spectator in the color grading process. Much like an in-person experience within a traditional color grading suite, you become an active participant, shaping the outcome in real-time.

Embrace the Future with Online Viewing

In a world where most content is consumed online, we believe it's essential that our color grading process reflects this reality. When you view the graded material through, you're seeing it the same way most of your audience would – online. This method ensures a more accurate representation of your final content and a more efficient review process.

With our partnership with, we're transitioning away from the need for in-person sessions. We offer an accessible, flexible, and seamless review experience that brings the color grading suite to you, wherever you are.

Join us as we venture into this exciting new era of color grading. Discover the power of real-time collaboration with ColorNation and, as we work to bring your visions to life no matter where you are in the world.

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