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Ana Rita

Ana Rita headshot with red backgroundMeet Ana Rita, a color enthusiast with 9 years of experience in the world of post-production. The adventure kicked off in 2014 in New York, where she worked as a junior compositor on the intriguing film '7 Splinters in Time' and as a rotoscoping artist on 'To Keep the Light.’

Back in her homeland, Portugal, Rita transitioned into the realms of video editing and 2D animation, leaving her mark on countless commercials and bringing brands to life with captivating animations. Yet, it was the world of color that truly captured her heart. 

Color has always played a significant role in Rita's life, dating back to her days studying art in high school. From paints to screens, she has harboured a deep fascination with color, particularly intrigued by its emotive power. 

Two years ago, Rita delved into the captivating realm of color science, enrolling in courses to improve her skills. Motivated by a desire to deepen her understanding of how color influences visual storytelling, Rita found herself drawn to the subtle yet profound impact it has on images. She was particularly fascinated by how different color spaces could affect a picture and how employing various techniques could enhance its quality.

Rita's journey into color has been characterised by a curiosity-driven pursuit of artistic expression. Today, she continues to explore the limitless possibilities of color, infusing her projects with her unique perspective as both a skilled editor and a dedicated colorist.

Last year, Rita had the opportunity to work as a colorist for the YouTube series 'Made in America' and lent her creative touch to a couple of music videos. For her, the journey is all about learning, gaining experience, and collaborating with clients to bring their artistic visions to life.


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