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Cory Berendzen

Cory grew up in Austin, Texas and then moved to Los Angeles in 2001 to begin his journey into entertainment. After discovering that production wasn’t what he thought it was he landed in post-production and never turned back. From film reels to hard drives, he has been part of the transition as technology expanded it capabilities. Becoming the apprentice for many incredibly talented colorists enabled him to experience all the complexities of a color suite handled from different perspectives. Starting at 525 Studios in Santa Monica, California and then on to many other west coast studios broadened his understanding of the creative process in both large facilities as well as smaller boutiques. From EFilm and Encore Hollywood to The Syndicate, The Mill, New Hat and many others. In 2014 he moved back to Austin, now with a family of four to begin again where his journey began. Landing in an incredible central Texas post house, TBD Post, he continued to color and take on various projects which spanned from long form television series to features, commercials, and music videos. Clients have included TLC, PepsiCo, Dr Dre, Elam Jay, Dell,, Simon Malls, Lupe Fiasco, Pit Bull, ULLA Johnson, Maluma, Alexis y Fido streamed on HBO, Netflix, Discovery, and more. And now currently based by the beach in Central America, he continues to color for various clients globally through Color Nation.

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